Bath Company Faucets Showroom


Orange County Bath Company

The Bath Company is proud to have Orange County's most extensive display of the world's finest faucets. Our faucets feature the industry's best finishes and have the highest quality valves and cartridges. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or transitional style, you are sure to find the perfect faucet for your dream bathroom or kitchen within our impressive collection.

Our years of experience, expertise, and high rate of customer satisfaction have made us the trusted showroom among contractors and interior designers, as well as the preferred dealer among most fixture manufacturers. Our showroom consists of faucets primarily from the United States and Western Europe that meet the highest of expectations for both performance and design. Our product consultants help clients determine the right faucet for their kitchen or bathroom, taking into consideration its intended application, spout size, finish, mechanics, pricing, and coordination with other fixtures. Ultimately, each client acquires a gorgeous, new faucet that will work perfectly for their lifestyle and function beautifully for decades. In fact, many of our faucets are backed by lifetime warranties.

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